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Working together with a law firm:

While gaining outside investment is often associated with a period of growth and development, Goodman Corporate Finance also works with partners such as leading commercial law firm Howes Percival to help companies at the other end of the spectrum – needing a financial injection to survive.

How Goodman Corporate Finance working together with Howes Percival can help our clients:

  • A quick response in tight situations
  • Client focused solutions
  • Understanding and meeting the requirements of lenders
  • Expert knowledge provided by a commercial law firm can help businesses know a full range of options

Howes Percival partner Carl Mifflin specialises in all aspects of corporate and personal insolvency, in particular advising businesses and business owners on their duties, options and responsibilities when facing financial difficulties.

Carl first met Paul Goodman in 2010 while advising the purchasers in a transaction, and says he was impressed with the way in which Paul pulled everything together and arranged financing for the company involved.


My role often involves giving legal advice to owner managed businesses and SMEs in need of refinancing for a variety of reasons – whether they’re looking for property or asset finance, invoice factoring or even a buy-out,” explained Carl.“Goodman are always able to proactively identify our clients’ precise requirements, move quickly and present the refinancing in a form that a lender will find acceptable.

Carl Mifflin - Howes Percival Partner

“Because they know exactly what the lenders are looking for, Goodman’s input can prevent red tape and delays. The speed with which funding can be put in place is crucial to many companies I work with, as a slow response could affect their ability to even survive.

“With its wide range of lenders and relationships, Goodman can also find a product that is right for the client, and they often go the extra mile by looking beyond the immediate funding needs to other ways to add value, such as accessing available grants.

“Even with the clients I work with, who aren’t in the best financial shape, Goodman have always managed to find the right funding.”

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