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About Elicia:

Elicia graduated from the University of Leicester in July 2021 after studying BA Politics. She has always had an interest in trends, designing content and professional writing, as such she sought a job in marketing and is now our apprentice Digital Marketing Content Executive who is set to be fully qualified in December! She moved to Lincoln 6 months ago with her partner and she misses the family dog. You can find out more about her joining here.

In her spare time, Elicia enjoys music, playing guitar and learning about mythology and astrology. She also collects crystals and enjoys learning about them! Her favourite song is What Once Was by Hers and she has recently learnt to play this on guitar. She enjoys cleaning and decorating and can usually be found painting the flat.

Work life:

Elicia’s work life is usually split 40-60 between apprenticeship training and work for Goodman Corporate.

When focusing on work for the company, Elicia has a strict to-do list which she makes every morning, the day usually starts off with replying to or sending out emails, reading the NACFB morning briefing and checking off tasks from the day before.

The rest of the workday involves creating various written content and designs to be scheduled and keeping on track with marketing and finance trends. Sometimes she also virtually meets with our lenders to do collab pieces.

When doing apprenticeship work, Elicia has monthly action plans to tick off which covers the principles of digital marketing.

Home life:

When Elicia isn’t marketing for the company, she can be found reading by the flat’s balcony window, playing the Nintendo Switch, cleaning, trying new things in cooking or keeping fit on her exercise bike!

She loves building furniture and most DIY related chores, when she isn’t at the flat, she can be found trying new vegan food at various places around Lincoln or enjoying cheap drinks in the nearby Wetherspoons!

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