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Chris Preston Family

About Chris:

Chris joined the Goodman team in August 2021 after a long career with NatWest. You can read more about Chris joining us here.

Chris has over 35 years of financial services experience and he is always happy to share his knowledge and experience with clients to help them access the funding they need and to be more successful generally. He is passionate about helping businesses thrive, helping to solve clients’ problems and advocates the benefit of time spent discussing things face to face.

Chris’ banking career saw him move around the UK undertaking a variety of roles and gaining experience in many different facets of banking, leadership and financial services. He now has a vast network of contacts on which to call to help solve any challenges his clients might be facing.

Chris, his wife Val, and their 3 daughters are now based in Devon in their house, a converted barn, with their dog Oscar and an array of pets including a horse!


Most days start early at 6:30 am with a brisk walk with Oscar the working cocker spaniel being the first thing on the agenda! Chris and Oscar head down to the beach come rain or shine. After this, Chris is often asked to help out with his daughter’s horse, Simba – this seems to be mainly on wet days but is a pleasure to do (most of the time)!

After the animals have been seen, Chris steps into the home office and checks up on all emails and prepares for the day ahead. Chris prides himself on being on top of things and provides active support to help client deals progress.

Chris always tries to see clients face to face whenever possible and always investigates possible networking events to attend. Due to the large geography of the South West area which he covers, sometimes Chris can be travelling for 3 hours to see a client! If this is the case, he gets calls sorted on the journey to make the best use of time albeit please bear with him on the signal – not the best in the Southwest! Chris also enjoys casual get-togethers with accountants, introducers and lenders such as going to a café for lunch or a coffee.

Once back in the office, Chris writes up his outgoing cases, he prides himself on writing up detailed appraisals for clients and liaising with lenders to put together the best possible deal structure.

Home life:

Chris describes himself as a bit of a workaholic, needing a better work-life balance which is work in progress! He will now be “helped” with this by his wife, Val ! Val retired from her job as a teaching assistant at Christmas and is now planning on accompanying Chris on some business trips and generally arranging his diary. Chris is looking forward to the help …

In his free time, Chris enjoys fishing, skiing and playing a round of golf as well as watching various sports. He also enjoys boating and the odd trip to the races. All in all, a busy schedule of work and play.

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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