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In no particular order this is the first post in a series of 8 ‘day in the life’ team posts. The team and team culture is incredibly important to us at Goodman Corporate Finance. As previously highlighted in our blog post ‘The importance of that personal touch from a broker’, people buy people, our team add value to their clients so why not get to know each member of our team?

About Roxanne:

Roxanne is our Director in all things Relationships, Admin and Compliance. She has worked at Goodman Corporate Finance for 14 years now! She is married to Managing Director, Paul Goodman and is the proud mum of Jack and step-mum to Jamie. Before joining Goodman Corporate Finance, Roxanne spent her time as a nursery nurse. In her evenings after a busy and eventful day in the Goodman office, she enjoys a glass of wine or gin (or two!) and catching up on some Disney+ or Netflix.

She enjoys trying out new cleaning products, organising and tinkering with things. She also has two adorable bunnies called Olaf and Elsa. Roxanne like to spend as much time as she can at the beach with her family at the Isle of Wight where they stay regularly.

Work life:

Roxanne typically wakes up at 5am and enjoys a cuppa (she’s a big fan of tea). She then watches a bit of TV with Jack, usually something like Paw Patrol which keeps him entertained. At 7am its time to head into the gym! The school run starts at 8am and then Roxanne has a whiz around the house to do some cleaning before work starts at 9.

A standard day in the office involves reading the NACFB morning brief, checking and responding to all outstanding emails and usually some meetings in the diary. Roxanne then checks on compliance updates from the FCA and gets on with her to-do list for the day. She also checks in with the team.

4pm rolls around and that’s time to pick Jack up from school. Roxanne enjoys playing games with Jack before making his tea and then preparing him for bed with a bath and a film or a story. She then cooks the rest of the household dinner and settles on for some quality down time.

Home life:

In her spare time, Roxanne enjoys swimming with Jack and trips out at weekends with the family. At weekends she still trains with personal trainer, Donna. Saturdays are food shop day and the family enjoy take out if the boys are at rugby. Roxanne has signed up to complete the Nottingham Half Marathon in September, so will need to start getting her miles in…….

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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