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To read the introduction to Elicia’s apprenticeship in Digital Marketing from September 2021, click here.


The Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship scheme is hosted by Working Knowledge and Swatpro and involves the apprentice working alongside a company while completing their training course. Elicia is now at her 6th month with Goodman Corporate Finance, and almost at her 6th month on the Working Knowledge apprenticeship. So far, she has gone through 6 modules within her training, with the 7th module taking place on the 9th of March. In this time, Elicia has also passed two marketing exams – the first one on marketing principles, and the second one on the principles of coding!


The modules covered so far have been related to the core principles of marketing, a basic look at coding, website design, website and messaging framing, and customer personas. The next masterclass focuses on utilising SEO within website content, headers and URLs.


So far, Elicia has taken over the blog writing and the social media posting, has been tracking the analytics for these with monthly dashboards, and planning out exciting new things to implement onto the website. She has also come up with new strategy plans to improve social media engagement, as well as making customer personas. It is exciting to see where the marketing will go next!


Elicia commented that “it’s been really great to start my career in marketing alongside a supportive company such as Goodman Corporate Finance, I’ve already come such a long way since starting out in September and I’ve learnt so much, it’s starting to show results which is wonderful! I’m excited to continue to grow with the company.”

Elicia’s line manager, Roxanne Goodman, noted that “Elicia has made a great start to her apprenticeship with us.  She has made plans and started to implement different social strategies, reviews of current systems and writing and scheduling posts, blogs and making herself available to the team on all things marketing.”

I believe she will embed herself as a valuable member of team Goodman and hope she stays with us once her apprenticeship ends in December.

Elicia’s digital marketing coach from Working Knowledge, Ashlie Bishop, commented that: “Elicia has grown in confidence since she started her journey in September 2021. I am proud to be Elicia’s coach and she continues to push herself beyond just the work that is set. I have no doubt that she will be an exceptional marketeer.”

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