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From Elicia’s LinkedIn post:

“It’s #apprenticeshipweek this week!

As a Digital Marketing Apprentice myself, I thought it would be fitting to write something, mainly on my stance on apprenticeships vs university. I don’t tend to write many personal things on here but there’s a first time for everything!

I’m in a position where I’ve got a degree and gone through the university experience but also I’m working in an apprenticeship role and I have to say: apprenticeships trump university by a mile.

I don’t regret attending university, in fact, I’m really grateful for the experience: I got to live away from home and learn my independence, as well as refining my essay and writing skills; something that is very valuable to me in my job today. University also was a great networking opportunity, a great chance to explore the city of Leicester, and, also where I met my partner!

However, university was an extremely stressful time for me both physically and mentally. My mental health went down the drain when I first moved away from home as I was quite unprepared for living independently at 18. The support we got for assignments and essays was particularly lacking and deadlines were always extremely tight. This coupled with lecturers striking and Covid19 hitting, meant as a year group we were all incredibly overworked yet under supported.
We didn’t get a graduation to celebrate our efforts (roll on July hopefully we have one then) and then we were thrown into trying to find a career in the world of work. An undergraduate degree in politics won’t actually get you very far these days…

The apprenticeship however – I’ve been on it almost 6 months, my mental health is (relatively, apart from some bumps here and there) good now and I like that I can take things at my own pace – if we miss deadlines our trainers are really understanding that life happens and work can be a factor as to why things might be late, the trainers are also really down to help whenever, sometimes at uni lecturers would take weeks to reply.

The on the job skills I’m learning are invaluable, and the team I work with are wonderful, and the actual apprenticeship training is top quality and something that will set me up for my career in marketing.

Happy apprenticeship week! Thank you to Paul Goodman Roxanne Goodman and Stefan Radymski for giving me the opportunity to work with the company! and thank you to Working Knowledge for the apprenticeship training.”

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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