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Posted by: Goodman Corporate Finance

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Goodman Secure Trust Scotland

A funding deal brokered by Goodman Corporate Finance has launched both the broker and the lender into Scotland for the first time.

What Is A Block Discount Loan?

A block discount loan is a secure and cost-effective means of instantly releasing capital from a financial agreement that has a guaranteed future income stream.

I Need to Fund My Business – What Can I Do?

If you need to fund your business, you have many solutions to choose from. Your challenge isn’t so much finding a funding solution as deciding which one is right for you.

What is Asset Finance?

Asset financing is a funding solution that’s specifically designed to help businesses who know exactly what they need in order to grow.

Funding Solutions For Bad Credit

Everyone who owns a business wants to expand that business. But when you’ve got a poor credit score, and when you’re just about breaking even every month, it’s all too easy to feel trapped.

How To Choose The Right Commercial Finance Broker

If you want your business to grow, a commercial finance broker can really take you places. With their expert understanding of both your business and the commercial loan market, they’ll help you to secure the funds you need to make your investment grow.