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Posted by: Roxanne Goodman

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Covid-19 Support

Nursery group remains open to support key workers families after £1.6 million funding boost

Tom Holmes

Nottingham’s captain prepares for a life after rugby

New Year, New Starter at Goodman Corporate.

The new year saw a new starter added to Goodman Financial Group’s professional team, with the appointment of Ewan Clarke as its second sales director.

Can brokers step in to fill the banking gaps?

For UK SMEs, the headcount reduction in high street banks can mean they no longer receive the support of a designated team, but have to rely on a call centre.

Stand up and be Counted

UK politics has been having a lively old time recently.

Brexit: Are We There Yet?

With the parliamentary vote on Brexit coming up on 11 December there’s been a flurry of reports and discussions on the possible effects of May’s deal, no deal, a new deal, no Brexit – the debate seems endless.