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On Monday 2nd May, Goodman Corporate Finance was proud to be able to sponsor the Nottingham Forest Player of the Year Award at the clubs 150th Anniversary Gala Dinner, which was hosted at the East Midlands Conference Centre.

Paul was offered the chance to sponsor this award via our business. It just so happened that his son Jamie is an avid Forest fan and regularly attends matches with his Grandad; who himself has visited the City Ground since he was a young boy. Paul thought what better way to celebrate the club’s milestone year than with a Goodman family reunion, so we set about putting the plans together.

Joining us for the evening was Paul’s father and Uncle (who travelled all they way from Plymouth that morning) and a small collection of our close friends. This unique group made the perfect combination for a great evening.

Seeing Jamie’s face when we walked into the reception area was worth every penny. Standing in a room in his new suit, looking around in ore at his peers was such a special moment that he will never forget. He politely asked some of the team if they could sign his autograph book (which he was clutching with intent) and they all gladly obliged. Some of them also offered photographs.

During the meal, Jamie and Paul were invited onto the stage to present the award to Dorus de Vries, the teams Goal Keeper. Standing on stage at such a prestigious event was a little overwhelming for the little man, but he took it all in his stride and proudly stood on stage with his Dad while the clubs photographer took their photographs.

On returning to the table, the smile across his face showed how happy he was, and being part of making his dreams come true was a proud moments for all of us.

The challenge of a “work/life balance” is without question difficult at times, especially with two young children. However working to be able to provide these types of experiences for our family is worth the all late nights and long hours. Its not a question of “self importance” or “being showy” but if you have the chance to do something special, that will create a lasting memory for the people you love, why wouldn’t you take it?

Never be so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.

Photo Credit: JMS Photography / John Sumpter