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The finale…

For the finale piece in our blog’s mini-series about Goodman’s MD and NACFB Chair, Paul Goodman’s week, I contacted him about his Friday after the busy events of the week were done and dusted! Before going into this however, it is worth mentioning that the NACFB expo on Thursday was a huge success! A massive well done and congratulations to Paul and the rest of the NACFB team along with the lenders, speakers and brokers that attended the event! If you could not attend the event, it will be available to watch online soon! It is 100% worth the watch.

Before going into some closing quotes and final thoughts from Paul, I enquired again about his diary for Friday.

Paul’s diary:

  • Wake up at 4:30am with son Jack, make him breakfast and spend time with him
  • 7am-9am catch up on all calls and emails for the week – due to the busy nature of the week it is vital to make sure nothing is missed!
  • 9am-11am – catch ups and thank you to the NACFB team and everyone who made the event the huge success it was! Already getting excited for next year’s Expo!
  • After catching up on all of the calls and emails missed, giving out thanks to those involved, and spending much needed time with family, Paul will then hopefully be unwinding, relaxing and recovering from the eventful nature of the week.

The Goodman team really hope that Paul has a much-needed rest after the busy week!

When I got in touch for a quote, Paul stated how the experience was quite an overwhelming one, noting how “it’s almost like it has gone from zero to hero, it has been so strange going from not seeing people for so long due to lockdown and the pandemic and having a lot of business done via zoom and Teams to suddenly being in the physical presence of so many in the industry. It has been very humbling to know that behind everyone’s computer screens over the past 18-20 months, we’ve all done a tremendous amount of work in our sector to support UK SMEs. Over the last few days, from speaking to NACFB members and patrons, I’ve observed a real enthusiasm to get back to business as usual, and help UK PLCs accelerate out of the pandemic period. This all comes despite the backdrop of what we have all had to go through as a nation and as a world.

While it could still be a long time before life gets back to where it was due to the pause and the reset, we had to go through, we have had the chance to really evaluate how we work. What is really apparent now is that the desire to help fund UK PLC is as great as I have ever seen it, this bodes extremely well for all our futures! It has been absolutely fantastic that NACFB members have worked tirelessly to get funding into the UK economy against Brexit and the pandemic, especially while working from home.”

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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