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Fund My Business

Let’s get this out of the way: If you need to find a funding solution for your business it’s a very good idea indeed to get in touch with a corporate finance consultant.

Of course we are corporate finance consultants, so we would say that. But consider what we can do for you:

  • Manage your entire case from initial consultation to the ultimate release of your funds
  • Tailor a bespoke funding solution based entirely on your unique business requirements
  • Instantly put you in touch with over 200 of the UK’s most experienced and trustworthy banks and lenders
  • Advise and consult on how to manage your funding without compromising your overheads or profits

Attempting to manage this by yourself is a daunting process and one that’s fraught with risk for even the most qualified of business professionals. So why not let us take care of things?

But beyond that, you’re no doubt wondering just what sort of corporate funding options are available. After all there’s a great deal of solutions out there and even before you contact a specialist consultant, it can be helpful to know the lay of the land.

That’s why we prepared this helpful corporate finance glossary. It will enable you to familiarise yourself with some of the key terms used in this industry while simultaneously introducing some of the most popular corporate finance solutions out there.

But in short, at Goodman Corporate Finance we specialise in the following services:

  • Asset FinanceFor spreading the cost of any assets your business needs to grow including IT systems, vehicles and specialist equipment.
  • Block DiscountingA means of releasing capital that’s tied up in financial agreements that guarantee future income streams.
  • Bridging FinanceBest thought of as a short-term loan, these funds are secured against land or properties in order to fund new purchases or refinancing.
  • Factoring FinanceA means of giving your business quick access to funds through releasing cash that’s tied up in existing invoices or future payments, with options including credit card factoring, debit card factoring and invoice factoring.

And it’s never too late – there are also various funding options available for businesses with bad credit.

So now that you’re vaguely aware of the various funding options available your next step is to decide which solution is best for your business. After this you’ll have to find a lender who not only specialises in this solution but who is also willing to work with you. Finally having received your funds, you’ll have to determine how best to manage repayments without compromising your business’s future.

Not easy, is it?

That’s why your first step should be to contact a dedicated corporate finance specialist. They’ll know precisely what to do to give your business the funds you need to grow.

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