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We are delighted to announce that Elicia Boni has joined us as an apprentice under Working Knowledge as a Digital Marketing Content Executive. As her first task we asked Elicia to write her own blog post…

About the Apprenticeship and joining Goodman’s:

“I’m absolutely over the moon to be starting work at Goodman Corporate Finance as a Digital Marketing Content Executive at the start of September! I’ve just finished studying BA Politics at the University of Leicester, I am delighted to have received a 2.1 overall in my degree. As a recent graduate, there was always the uncertainty of finding work straight after graduating, especially when considering the job climate due to the current pandemic. As such, it was utterly fabulous receiving the job offer to work for the company as an apprentice!

The application process was competitive as you would expect, there was a really interesting digital task set by Goodman along with a mock telephone interview with Working Knowledge who run the apprenticeship I will be studying for. For the digital task, I had to write up a presentation on the top 3 digital invoice finance brokers, write what they did well and what they could improve on. I wanted to think outside of the box for this, to really stand out to the company and showcase my love for writing and my abilities. I identified Goodman and two other companies for the most standout digital finance brokers, with Goodman winning many consistent awards for their excellence and dedication to the customer experience. I wrote 32 slides on PowerPoint in total for this task and was shortlisted to the top two applicants for my efforts!

After this, I had a telephone interview with Managing Director, Paul Goodman, and Group Sales Director, Stefan Radymski. The chat was a great chance to understand the role better and it sounded like something I would thoroughly enjoy, it was an added bonus that Paul and Stefan were chatty, informative, and easy to get along with. I approached Stefan for a quote about the application process and my offer to work for Goodman. He noted how Goodman Corporate Finance are delighted to welcome me to their marketing team and commented “Elicia was the standout candidate throughout our recruitment and will take up the role of Digital Marketing Content Executive”. Stefan highlighted how my role will see the “build out of our Digital offering” which is something I am very excited to contribute to.

The apprenticeship mentored by Working Knowledge is a 15-month long programme.

I think with my previous experience in retail from shop work before university, combined with my writing experience from my degree and blog, I will fit right into my new role with Goodman Corporate and the team. Due to the previous retail experience, I understand the customer experience and how the customer is at the heart of the sales procedures. This fits in well with Goodman’s customer promises and promotion of transparency and choice for potential clients, I am really looking forward to being a part of this!

Overall, it is a brilliant opportunity so soon after graduating university, I am very grateful for the chance to excel in my career path within the company. It has been a delight so far to have been corresponding with the team and I look forward to being introduced to more members.”


By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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