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New year may bring new cash strains:

“With staff holidays, businesses closing for a short time, and the subsequent drop in turnover and profits during December and into January, businesses may hit a brick wall with cash pressure, finding it difficult to pay bills and buy the materials needed to fulfil orders as they start coming in again.

Last year we helped out a client in just this situation. They desperately needed working capital to support them through the slow period, but their bank had been dragging their feet to the extent that their accountants had to ask us to step in on the day before the Christmas break.

It’s hard to imagine how the client must have felt, coming up to what everyone sees as one of the best times of the year while facing massive cost pressures and – despite having a strong underlying business – seemingly no support from their bank. Thanks to our market experience and wide panel of lenders, we were able to source and complete on a £100k loan within just four hours.

Anyone doubting whether they’ve got time to get funding in place as they start to feel the pinch at this time of year should take confidence from the number of working capital solutions we can access for them. Flexible cash flow solutions ranging in duration from six months to five years, and different types of working capital loans (e.g. fully secured, unsecured, and loans without personal guarantees) can all be turned around within 48 hours.

Established businesses will know from past experience what impact the festive period is likely to have on cash flow and so be able to plan ahead. Now is the time to get a finance solution in place – don’t leave it until the new year.”

Paul Goodman (c)

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