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The prime minister is taking a battering from all sides. According to Giles Brandreth, guest speaker at the 2018 NACFB gala dinner, the one thing you can say for Mrs May – no matter which side you stand on – is that she stands up and is visible for everyone to see.

During his talk Giles shared a conversation he had with Tony Blair. Giles shared that upon Blair’s appointment, the PM was told by MI6 that if anything goes wrong with security, he should make sure he stands up so they can see him. I think this is a lesson we can all learn, about being visible and standing up straight, no matter what uncertainty surrounds us.

Brokers and businesses can’t directly change the wider environment around us right now (although we can have our say), so we need to just get on with it. If your business plan continues doing what it should be doing, just keep on doing it, but be flexible to adapt.

At Goodman we’re happy to stand up – to stand up to the disruptive tech of the new online lending platforms and continue our focus on delivering a tailored service where we speak to and understand all our clients’ needs; and to continue to support banks, which often remain the most sustainable place for businesses to go for funding. We stand resolute and side by side with our clients to get them the best deal, offering our support, experience and access to funding.

The NACFB gala dinner was attended by record numbers of around 700 brokers and lenders. By standing up together in the face of uncertainty, we can help secure the reputation of our industry as a protector of standards in turbulent times and help secure the future of UK businesses.