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Corporate Finance

Because we offer such a wealth of services it can sometimes be tricky to determine just which solution is right for you. That’s why we’ve prepared this corporate finance glossary.

Here we’ll briefly outline just what each separate service involves. If you wish to know more, simply click on the name of the service.

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All Status Lending

Businesses with any type of adverse credit no matter how minor, are likely to be refused credit by high street lenders. All status lending is a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes that have been afflicted with mortgage arrears, poor credit ratings, county court judgements, or a number of loss making accounts. Whether you need to consolidate debt or raise extra capital it is tailored to meet your funding requirements.

Asset Finance

A secure and cost-effective means for businesses of all sizes to grow. Asset financing enables you to spread the cost of acquiring a new asset over a fixed period of time. In doing this you can release working capital so as to ensure that your growth does not jeopardise any of your current overheads.

Block Discounting

If you have a number of finance agreements that you know will provide a guaranteed future income stream block discounting allows you to release this tied-up capital to give you an immediate cash advance. The capital is released directly into your business so you can enjoy a continuous line of funds towards your future growth. The discounted advance is usually repaid over a fixed period that’s invariably matched to the customer’s underlying contract or rental period.

Bridging Loans

Otherwise known as short term loans bridging loans can provide fast access to funding when you need it the most. The loans are secured against your property or land and we’ll help you to devise a solid strategy to ensure that you’re able to repay the loan at the end of the term. Bridging loans can be applied for terms that stretch from a single day to 12 months, and loans start from £25,000 with no upper limit. Decisions can be made within a matter of hours and funds are usually available in a matter of days.

Commercial Mortgages

With commercial investment mortgaging you can either buy a commercial property to rent out, or buy one that has been let already. Many businesses and individuals use commercial mortgages either as a means of buying a property or  raising capital against an existing investment property.

Credit and Debit Card Factoring

A business cash advance that’s granted against future credit and debit card sales. In order to qualify your business has to have been established for at least 6months and your monthly turnover should be at least £3,500 through card sales.


A financial transaction in which your business sells its accounts receivable to a third party at a discount as a means of meeting your present and immediate cash needs.

Invoice Financing

A flexible means of improving your business’s cash flow through allowing funds to be drawn against invoices as they are raised, as opposed to when your customer pays you. They’re a secure and cost-effective alternative to overdrafts and your cash flow facilities will grow along with your business’s turnover. It’s for this reason that invoice financing is popular among start-ups and growing businesses.

Peer to Peer Funding

Peer to peer funding essentially involves borrowing from individuals as opposed to banks. At Goodman Corporate we have a strong relationship with multiple innovative providers, enabling businesses of all sizes to borrow anything from £3,000 to £1m. Because we know our provider’s precise requirements we can rapidly assemble applications to secure your finance within a matter of days.

Property Development Finance

Whether you’re developing property for commercial or residential use we can provide funding for up to 50% of the purchase price or current value, and up to 100% of the development costs. Repayments can be on an interest only basis with options to include interest covered monthly, quarterly or rolled up for the entire period of development. Or if you want to reduce your interest costs you can choose to draw funds down in stages in line with the development.

Residential Investment Mortgages

As well as commercial investment mortgages we can also provide mortgages for residential properties. An ideal solution for those who want to buy to let, our mortgages can either be for single acquisitions or for multi-million pound portfolios. Advances of up to 85% for periods of up to 25 years are available with interest rates from as low as 2.0% above the bank base rate.

Selective Factoring

A “pay as you go working capital” scheme; rather than factoring your companys entire turnover you instead factor a particular debtor or group of debtors, within your company’s sale ledger. This allows you to release funds that might otherwise have been tied up in outstanding invoices.

Spot Factoring

Another term for invoice factoring. This is a financial transaction in which cash can be released from a single invoice at any time within its payment cycle.

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