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Knowing one of the Directors on a personal level meant I wanted to be able to provide a top-class service

Tom Holmes

The Client

A well-established, long-standing nationwide haulier and transport company who are well known in the supply chain sector. The client has an outstanding reputation across the UK and the rest of Europe for their long service and well-maintained relationships.

The Deal

£8 million in property refinance was required by the client to consolidate a portfolio of properties and create a war chest to use for future purchases.

Furthermore, there was also an asset finance requirement for this expanding business.

After initial contact with Goodman Corporate Finance’s (GCF) Financial Consultant, Tom Holmes, the client’s requirements were considered, and a thorough market-wide search conducted. The client was then introduced to a trusted member of GCF’s lending panel: Cambridge & Counties Bank. Carl Ashley and Simon Hilyer from Cambridge & Counties Bank took the time to get to know the client and thoroughly understand their specific business needs. This ultimately led to a successful deal being delivered. The finalised deal provides headroom for client growth and a means for further acquisitions in the future.


The deal completion established a strong relationship between the Bank and client. As a result of the successful deal, the client had some further asset funding requirements which they now continue to liaise with Cambridge & Counties Bank for.

Simon Hilyer worked closely with the client to structure the right deal for them and provide bespoke funding as they continue to grow out of the pandemic. Without GCF and Cambridge & Counties Bank taking the time getting to know the client, the way their business works, and understanding their acute needs, this deal completion would not have been possible.


Our Finance Consultant, Tom Holmes, remarked that: “Knowing one of the Directors on a personal level meant I wanted to be able to provide a top-class service, Cambridge & Counties have done exactly that. Carl and Simon have dedicated the time to get to know the clients resulting in a strong relationship and working partnership. As one of my early deals, it was a great example of how things can and ought to be done. A very special mention to our own Paul Goodman who put the deal in motion and who’s expertise helped to guide it through.”

Simon Hilyer, Head of Asset Finance at Cambridge & Counties Bank commented

“It’s been great liaising with this client on what has been a complex deal. We took the time to fully understand all the requirements and structure something that works well for the client now as well as allowing them to pursue their growth plans into the new year.”

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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