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Welcome to Goodman’s new Green Guide. This was our fortnightly LinkedIn newsletter that we started in April 2022 and ran for 6 months just in time for Earth Day. All of our newsletters will be shared to this page as an archive once they have been released onto the LinkedIn – give us a follow to stay up to date with the newsletters as they come!

Our goal behind these ‘Green Guides’ is to provide a business perspective on sustainable practices, sharing some insight into our own moves towards sustainability. But we aren’t experts by any means! Because of this we have contacted experts in the field for their perspective regarding the climate, sustainability, and how we as individuals and as businesses can make more moves towards going green! By making this Green Guide, we hope to be improving on our own corporate social responsibility!

Get in touch with our Digital Marketing Executive if you’d like to provide a quote for the green guide newsletter: elicia@goodmancorporate.com

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