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What is a Commercial Finance Broker?

Typically thought of as a “go-between” or middle person between a client needing a source of finance and a lender best suited to provide that finance. A financial broker has an array of uses that many may overlook or simply be unaware of. You can read more broadly about commercial finance brokers on the NACFB’s ‘About Brokers’.

Commercial finance brokers are undoubtedly experts in their field. With market-wide knowledge of lenders’ appetites and current rates and deals, they should be the go-tos for financial matchmaking. Finance brokers have many contacts in the lending sphere. This is an asset for their clients as they do all the heavy lifting when it comes to researching what deals are on the market. As some lenders may only be available through a broker, your business may be missing out on deals by not seeking one out.

Goodman Corporate Finance is a commercial finance broker rather than simply just a finance broker. This means we focus on sourcing funding for businesses. Commercial finance brokers are effectively able to negotiate top deals and rates that standard business owners might not have access to. We can connect your business with the perfect lender to suit your needs.

Commercial finance brokers are useful because…

  • We save our clients time and money by doing all of the hard leg work involved looking for the perfect funding solution that works for our clients, today, tomorrow, and for the foreseeable future.
  • We do all the leg work after your initial inquiry. This means apart from the odd signing of a document or follow up call, we’ll ‘hold your hand’ so to speak, throughout the whole process!
  • Because we do all the hard work, the process is way less confusing for you, the business owner. You can therefore focus your time and efforts on other important business matters rather than the process of sourcing funding!
  • There’s more choice on where to source your funding, for example, as a commercial finance broker, we have access to over 280 funders in which to match your business to.
  • Our team of experts know the best deals on the market which helps to match a client with unique borrowing requirements to the perfect funding solution.
  • UK finance brokers are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, this is how you know we are reputable and can be trusted to get the job done! We also pride ourselves on integrity and ethics within all of our business dealings.

Why choose us as your commercial finance broker?

We are leaders in the commercial finance broker field within the UK, we have won the Business MoneyFacts award in Invoice Finance to support this. Our expert guidance puts you and your business at the centre of what we do. With our gold standard, “hand-held, and cradle to grave” service, you’ll be looked after right through from the initial inquiry until your funds are released. We understand the struggles and priorities of running a business, why not let us deal with the paperwork and sourcing finance while you deal with your day-to-day operations?

Goodman Corporate Finance is also a full member of the NACFB, we fully abide by their standards and code of conduct to ensure ethical and fair business dealings. More can be read about this in their guides here.

Still not convinced? We have testimonials on our homepage and a wide variety of client case studies to highlight our standard of service. Recently a client has stated:

“The process working with Paul and Roxanne has been very professional, very quick, and very easy. They both took the hassle away from things and looked after the whole process. It was easy going and straightforward. Paul was recommended to me by another colleague as the bank couldn’t help out. The situation was sorted straight away, and I am very pleased – the advice Paul gave was top tier and he is looking into other things for my business” – Eric Wilson, Director

If you are interested in learning more about Goodman’s bespoke broker services and how we can help your specific finance needs, then you can click on the relevant links: Asset Finance, Corporate Finance Services, or Property Finance.

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