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Knowing that young and growing businesses often benefit from the ‘wrap around’ services of a number of professionals working together, TGFP first linked with Goodman Corporate Finance after they were recommended for a client by a high street bank.

How Goodman Corporate Finance and TGFP can help:

  • Working together to find the right solution
  • Quick and reliable
  • Excellent range of products
  • Expert industry knowledge and information

TGFP partner Adrian Borg works primarily with owner-managed companies, ranging from new start-ups to £40 million businesses.


He explained how they first made contact with Anthony Melvin at Goodman Corporate Finance

Our client was looking to a high street bank for support, and they recommended Goodman as a way to fill in the blanks where they couldn’t help,” said Adrian. “In the six months since then we’ve linked with Goodman to successfully support a number of businesses looking for finance, working together to understand the opportunity and find the right funding solution.

Adrian Borg - TGFP Partner

“As well as offering accountancy expertise we act as business advisers and bring in support from others where needed. Goodman are hugely approachable and easy to work with, plus they relate to and understand what we and our clients say.

“They are very quick and reliable, but if a deal is tough going, they manage client expectations – making sure they don’t go away thinking a deal is in the bag when it’s not.

“The range of products they offer is excellent, especially compared to other brokers who only have a couple of lines.

“We’ve been delighted with the support Goodman give our clients, and we’d be happy to recommend them to others.”

If you are interested in learning more about Goodman’s bespoke broker services and how we can help your specific financial needs, then you can click on the relevant links: Asset FinanceCorporate Finance ServicesInvoice Finance, or Property Finance.

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