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I can’t overstate the value of their general financial advice with a view to building and developing the company.

Tim Pullen

The Client:

Nottingham-based Ashlar has been delivering building services to the commercial real estate market in the UK for 11 years. From boiler maintenance, air conditioning and fire alarms to cleaners and front of house concierges, it now has a £4 million turnover and 70 employees.

The Deal:

  • Access to new routes to market for funding provided for client
  • Range of support for growth in a credit squeezed environment
  • Clear communication of financial information
  • Successful, long-standing relationship
  • Working capital facilitated along with invoice financing


Our long relationship with the client has helped their business to survive and thrive – we have provided guidance with working capital facilities and invoice financing. This has allowed our client to continue to grow even in tight times.


We’ve been working with Goodman for around six or seven years, getting help with general transactional banking requirements such as overdraft and working capital facilities, and facilitating the invoice factoring we’ve currently got in place.

Tim Pullen, Managing director - Ashlar

“We’ve had a high growth strategy since before the recession, and throughout the last few years Goodman has maintained credit availability and facilitated working capital despite the credit squeeze. This has allowed us continued growth where others have had to be more restrained.

“Goodman has excellent access to new routes to market for new money, and uses a non-traditional, broad brush approach to business finance. They also offer excellent service levels – if we’ve needed anything doing, the response has come within hours.

“I’ve found the advice and communication of quite complicated financial information to be clear and concise, and consider Goodman to be a vital partner working with us at both a strategic board and operational finance level.

“I can’t overstate the value of their general financial advice with a view to building and developing the company.”

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