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Wellbeing for the team!

Managing Director of Goodman Corporate Finance, Paul Goodman, is delighted to announce a wellbeing initiative for the Goodman Team. The initiative will see Goodman employees offered online wellbeing sessions by personal trainer, Donna Bond from FirstStep2Fitness, for 1 hour a week.

The training involves a personalised programme and sessions for each employee, and has been implemented to support staff wellbeing, especially while working from home and after the effects of the pandemic. The benefits of this are likely to be immense in terms of staff mental health, wellbeing, work motivation and productivity. This will continue to ensure we can provide the best, dedicated services to our clients, looking after our employees means we can look after you!

The physical benefits of a workplace exercise programme can see a promotion of a healthy lifestyle, more energy, and less fatigue. A host of mental advantages is also observable from a regular exercise routine, these include the reducing of stress, improved performance at work and statistically fewer workday absences. To find out more about the benefits of exercise at work click here.


When approached for a quote about Goodman’s new initiative, Paul commented that:

“Having used the pandemic period as a reset opportunity around my work life balance, I have seen first-hand the positive impact that being able to concentrate on me, my body, and my wellbeing that fitness has had. Working with Donna for nearly 12 months now, I have managed to lose almost 60lbs of fat and am arguably in the best shape I have been for over 20 years. This physical improvement has significantly contributed to me being able to cope so much better with the stresses and strains the day job gives me.

So, it made absolute sense to ensure that the Goodman team have access to the same “wellbeing” training that has had such a huge impact on me. The pandemic has been hard for the business and the continued success of the business is entirely down to the team and the teams’ efforts. Therefore, I am delighted that Donna is able to support our business and our team in ensuring their body and minds are able to achieve the work / life balance that I am now able to enjoy.”

Our Digital Marketing Content Executive, Elicia, had her first session with Donna on 23/09/2021 and commented that “Donna was really friendly, helpful and understanding. The workout routine was great, and I could take it at my own pace with the guidance Donna expertly provided. I’m feeling more productive already, my legs are a little sore now though!”.

When Donna was asked to comment on the wellbeing initiative, she noted that “The wellbeing initiative idea in Goodman is a good idea for employee wellbeing.

The pandemic allowed for people to slow down from our busy day to day lives and look at how to focus on looking after ourselves better. It is important to realise that after slowing down to reflect, we can be more productive by putting work to the side for an hour or two to focus on wellbeing with a regular fitness routine. This allows us to take care of ourselves to the full extent needed. We must not forget that focusing on wellness minimises the risk of illness”

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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