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Nottingham Digital Summit

“On Friday the 10th of June I attended the Nottingham Digital Summit 2022, it was the first time the event has been held since 2019 due to the pandemic. Sarah from Visionary Recruitment, a group business of Goodman Corporate Finance, suggested the event to me so that we could both network within the marketing community and boost our knowledge of marketing-related topics.

The event was hosted by Hallam. Over £15,000 was raised at the event and this all went to the Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Refugee Forum. It felt great to know we were a part of funding such a good cause.

Nottingham Digital Summit Agenda:

Nottingham Digital Summit

Sarah and I attended the following seminars:

  • The 7 Step protocol for digital experiences
  • NLP’s and human languages: How Google’s new updates affect context and content
  • High-performance SEO: blueprints for success
  • How to make your website your best performing sales channel
  • Better business for a better world
  • How to create the ultimate B2B SEO strategy 
  • Content marketing: the top trends for 2022 and beyond 
  • The value of values: how to leverage marketing to feature in tomorrow’s nostalgia 
  • Personalised digital marketing: a return to individualised consumer engagement in the age of big data
  • Using search data to power your marketing strategy
  • How to grow in the attention economy 
  • Fireside chat with Susan Hallam MBE and guest panellists 

All of these talks were highly insightful and allowed me to consider things in a way that I hadn’t perhaps thought of before. The whole day for me was very reminiscent of being back at university, the layout was like a lecture hall with a professor delivering a keynote speech on their specialist subject. 

The 7-step protocol for digital experiences along with the better business for a better world and the value of values, were my favourite to listen to. These all focused on how values are now more important than ever when it comes to the world of marketing. A massive shift since the pandemic has made it so many consumers will now only engage with brands that align with their values and morals. This means more of a shift towards equality promoting, green businesses that have their customer’s minds, wants, needs and personalities at heart rather than seeing them as a number on a spreadsheet or for profit.”

Media from the Digital Summit:

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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