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Goodman and Eevery - ESG

The Goodman Team signs up to Eevery – an ESG platform for SMEs:

As you may have noticed from our updated ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ page in our ‘why us’ section, our company has joined Eevery. Eevery’s platform allows companies to measure, improve, and report on their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. Any companies that sign up to the platform can start improving their actions and creating more value for their employees and clients by contributing to a sustainable future for business and the planet. They can also create ESG reports to communicate their performance to lenders, customers and employees.

Instead of taking a commission, we have agreed to pass on the income as a discount on the product to our clients using a discount code! If this sounds like something you’d like to take advantage of, contact us.

Recently, we’ve really been focused on our sustainable practices and impacts on the wider world around us – to read more about this check out our Green Guide!

Being part of the solution:

Eevery notes how globally there are over 400 million SMEs who represent 90% of all companies and 50% of employment. SMEs are responsible for more than 50% of business CO2 emissions in the UK. This is evidently a market that needs addressing if we as a country and as individuals are going to make more moves towards sustainability and going green.

Making the world a better place:

By measuring the real effects of our company’s activities, we can optimise our impact on people, the environment, and society – by working with Eevery we can help to make a positive global change!

Winning more business:

By signing up to Eevery and measuring our ESG performance we can provide our valued clients and lending panel with the details they need to confirm our ESG performance using globally accepted standards. This allows for greener dealings and also allows for our partners to focus on their ESG too!


Our Compliance, Relationship, and Admin Director, Roxanne commented that:

Joining Eevery will allow us to demonstrate to our stakeholders that we are committed to become more sustainable and future proof the business. It’s a great tool to have in our armoury and will allow us to continually develop and grow and also provide the ability to pass some value back to our network.

Dominic Buch, Eevery CEO commented:

The collective action of small businesses makes a global change. We are delighted to be partnering with an SME specialist like Goodman Corporate Finance to help small businesses become more sustainable and to give them the tools to demonstrate their performance and plans to stakeholders that care such as lenders, customers and employees

By Elicia Boni – Digital Marketing and Content Executive

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